Field of Vision: New York, The Lab Gallery, 501 Lexington Avenue, New York, September 2004

Field of Vision

…a social media event before social media, anticipating Facebook’s and Instagram’s role in sharing, imagining and picturing our world.

Field of Vision is an immense virtual artwork which began as three physical wall-based collages assembled from hundreds of images collected world-wide over the internet, following a highly successful call for submissions.

Field of Vision New York was launched in 2004 followed by Field of Vision Extremes in Frankfurt in 2005 and Field of Vision Beijing in 2006, to critical acclaim. The locations determined the subject of each field, mapping contemporary perceptions, both global and local.

Hausmeister was fascinated by the idea of a unifying structure which would gather the viewpoints of several hundred artists into a single work. The project built a series of collective gazes, each one of which deploys a multitude of surface focus points – images collected into three collages which were then transferred to the web, the project’s permanent base:

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Icon Overkill

2012 – now
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Squashed Objects

Series of 3D objects
transformed to 2D
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Hazardous User Interfaces

Walking billboard performances
and digitally manipulated reality
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Nothing Travels Faster Than Light

Scientific experiment attempting
to slow down the speed of light
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Magic Slate

No people live longer than
the documents of their culture
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Expulsion from Paradise

Celebrating the fall of the Wall
and the end of West Berlin
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Stephan Hausmeister